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Hi! I'm Paul

(MBA, BA, Certified Nutritionist, WILDFIT Coach, Lifebook Coach & aspiring NBA Basketball player :))

Hi! I'm Paul, founder of SIMPLYOU and the proud General Manager of Kilkenny's number one hotel, The Pembroke. 

I am on a mission to help people live happ(ier) & healthier.  

Simplyou was born out of my love for hotels, food, exercise, making people happy and my obsession with #personalgrowth.

I created¬†The¬†Simplyou‚ĄĘ¬†playbook to help others navigate life "simply" while being¬†true to¬†"You"¬†and what makes you unique.¬†¬†

Despite achieving my dream job early in my career, I realised that this success came at a price. Although having great career success, my health and other areas of life suffered due to my sole focus on work.  

More importantly, I realised it didn't have to, with a smarter approach, giving all dimensions of my life the attention needed to be truly happy.

My mission is to share this enhanced approach, help you regain clarity, be simplyou, and arm you with a simple roadmap for success. 

As your personal growth partner, let's do this together! 

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Hi! I’m Claire

(BA, PGDE, NCEF L1 & L2, CF L1 & 10X Coach, Wildfit Coach) 

Hi, my name is Claire Hanley, founder of 10x Kilkenny.

We bring the latest and most scientific approach to strength training available globally.

We use minimum effective dose training through the 10x methodology, so you don't have to spend hours in the gym unnecessarily!

Our framework delivers maximum growth in TWO simple 15-minute workouts per week. 

The results include stronger bones, improved fitness, power and strength. 

Most importantly, your results are smartly achieved and backed by science.

Whether your goal is to have the energy to play with your children, play golf or tennis,  I strongly believe that having functional fitness is how we have the strength and mobility to do the things we love forever.  

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